7 Quick Materials to Provide Access to Academics


Want to know what to have on hand in order to make quick accommodations and modifications to almost any lesson?  Try keeping these materials within reach!

Material     How it can help
Dry erase board
  • Choice making
  • Word bank
  • Brainstorming
  • Writing positive notes to the student
  • Creating a to do list
Post-it notes
  • Behavior reminders
  • Written responses to teacher questions
  • Idea bank
  • Cheat sheet for a quick reference
Book stand
  • Visual support for seeing a book
  • Helps to focus and sustain student attention to the book
Page up
  • Visual support for seeing a paper
  • Helps to focus attention to the task
Reading strip
  • Helps a student to keep their place while they read
Highlighter tape
  • Helps a student to find the big ideas or key points in a book.  The tape comes right off when you are finished and does not harm the book
  • Supports students who need to move and to do something with their hands while they are learning


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