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I often work with educators who wonder how they can make sure they are covering the basics when working to include all students.  When getting started or checking in on the quality of your practices make sure the basics are covered.  Here is a checklist to help you ensure you are on the right path to successful inclusion:

  • Seat students with disabilities amongst their peers; avoid grouping students with disabilities together at separate tables or desks.
  • Support students with disabilities to actively participate in throughout the entire school day.
  • Ensure that accommodations and modifications set up so all students can access the lesson.
  • Ask paraprofessionals to float around the class and help all students.  Remember to provide opportunities for students with disabilities to be independent and work with peers.
  • Provide visuals to accompany all auditory instructions. Make to do lists, and step-by-step instructions to support all students understanding of the lessons.
  • Utilize technology and make sure it is ready to go.  Use laptops for writing, tablets for communicating, and I pods so students can listen to digital recordings of books.

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